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Belgrave Properties is a real estate investment and development company.  We operate all over the UK, with a focus on London and southern England.

Belgrave Properties

What We Do


Our primary activity is the purchase of land without planning permission and adding value through the planning system for future development.


We can also provide 100% finance and professional support for landowners and prospective joint venture partners for planning gain development. Alternatively, we can assist owners by way of a promotion agreement or option to buy.


Our People


The managing partners have worked together for 20 years and have combined experience of over 50 years in property development. We utilise a highly competent team of lawyers, planning consultants, architects and related professionals.


Our Projects


Belgrave and associated companies are currently working through a portfolio worth in excess of £40 million.


Historic trades have a combined value in excess of £1 billion.


  Initial Enquiries to:

  Mark Quinlan


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